Legend has it, Dr. Kennedy would periodically be blindfolded, kidnapped and taken to the hideout of Bonnie and Clyde (who used to camp out by what is now Lake Lewisville) to provide them medical care.

The dining rooms located on both sides of the entry and the Library Room are all part of the original structure. The ceilings in the East and West dining rooms are adorned with the 120 year old cedar planks used in the original construction of the home In more recent history, the early 1980’s is when the building was last used as a residence – by the Lauderdale family. Robert and Alice Goetz took it over, added on, and converted it to a restaurant – “Hearthstone Manner”.

The building served as an antique mall in the early 1990’s. “Wishing Well Antiques” was named after the old well that was located inside the building at the time. The Veranda operated as a restaurant from 1992 until 2007 when it was sold and completely remodeled and opened as Tierney’s Cafe and Tavern in 2008.